Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Left hand Customs and Discrimination

I am a little upset that in other cultures people (even left handers) are being taught to ignore the left hand and swtich to the right hand.  Customs are saying that the left hand is considered to being unclean and the right hand is considered to be clean.   Discrimination should NEVER be an option but this one has no possible argument.  The People who discriminate against other people with different skin color and religion do so because it's something different from what they are used to. But in this case EVERYONE has 2 hands so how does this discrimination makes sense? How can we pass of discrimination as a custom  " Every country has rules and customs you have to respect them or don't visit the countries"  Rules and customs don't come out of thin air they are started by people and they can also be stopped.  How can we call ourselves smart and claim to have human intelligence if we just blindly follow people's rules without thinking if they make sense or not? People think intelligence is limited to just mastering mathematical formulas. I am a left hander and being told that other left handers are not allowed to eat with their left hand is like telling muslims not to practice islam, or jewish people to not practice judaism.  Everyone is asking me " But Mukunda why are you so passionate about the left hand?   The real question is how is the left hand different from the right hand that causes the left hand to be looked down upon.  Left hand and Right Hand each have 5 fingers they can both lift things and bounce balls like ( basketballs, tennis balls)  I hope one day temple will allow people to extend their left hand if they want.  Again the left hand is not being rude to the customs  who forbid people from eating with it. The customs are being rude to left handed people by forcing them to switch to the right hand. This video really disturbed me no end

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